A fast paced platformer inspired by fighting games, pull stylish combos as you guide Aine, the Phoenix Knight, on her eternal quest to save the cute and colorful world of Lineria!

Meet weird and unique characters in a brightly colored world filled to the brim with personality on the way to discovering a mysterious past. The world of Lineria is lush and full of wierdos and some of them might have quest or two for you to do :O

Seamlessly combo together movement and fighting as you dance through hundreds of challenges with a variety of unique items. Use Emblems to completely change the game - randomize your attacks, break your limits, and... learn to cook?

Renaine's OST is a diverse assortment of tracks crossing genres delivering everything from hip hop to jazz. Collaborators such as Substantial and Tournament arc step in for game changing remixes of every level's second act.

Coming Soon

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